ETC Trading Times: Local Classifieds That Helps You Much

By NS Sopari

This is not the Yellow Page era anymore. The current trend belongs to the classifieds websites that are available for various product/service categories. It is true that classifieds website is a simple tool to use when you are looking for a certain product or service. It connects millions of buyers and sellers throughout the globe. ETC Trading Times is different in its services. Instead of offering worldwide services, the website focuses on local classified ads. It serves only three states in the United States: Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina

Why ETC Trading Times is different?

ETC Trading Times has specific reasons to offer classifieds with limited coverage area. The worldwide classifieds can be accessed by all people around the globe. It means that everybody, regardless of the country or continent, advertises their products and services and the buyers may come from different states and countries. Do you think it is effective and efficient to ship goods from a country, which is located in a different continent? This certainly requires considerable shipping expense.

Local classifieds ETC Trading Times is more logical in its services. North Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia are in close geographical proximity. Online transaction within these states is possible. Shipping costs may not be so expensive. A buyer does not need to see a product or service whose suppliers are far away geographically.

What makes ETC Trading Times similar?

  • Easy access

The ETC Trading Times is a useful trading platform. It allows you find the newly added items. It is principally similar to any other classifieds are. The difference is only in the geographical coverage. It is easily accessible by anyone who wants to buy something or someone who wants to sell something.

  • Comprehensive categories

You can buy or sell any product or service here. It contains a comprehensive list of product and service categories, from cosmetic, home, gardening, automotive, rental, insurance, finance, travel, hotel, to sports and hobbies.

  • Free services

You can list your product/service to classified ads free of charge. You can put the details of your items and upload the photos to attract the prospective customers. It allows you to upload up to 6 photos. You may pay small amount of fee if you want to add some additional services or enhancement to your ads.

  • Additional services

ETC Trading Times offers some additional services for the customers’ convenience. They include the details on entry and expiry date to guide the buyers. As a result, they will not see product ads that have been expired.

Another service is one-page registration service. Before putting the ads, you need to register for an account. However, the subscription process is so simple. It takes only few steps.

How ETC Trading Times works

  • Selling something

As mentioned above, before advertising you products or services, you need to create an account. You have an ample room to edit the information in your account. The next step is choosing the category of the product or services you want to sell. Then, put detailed information on the products. It may include:

-       Production year

-       Brand

-       Price

-       Physical conditions

-       Contact information (name, e-mail address, and phone number)

The last step is uploading the photos. You can upload up to six photos of the different parts of the product. These will convince the prospective buyers that the product is in good condition.

There two signs that a prospective buyer is interested in your item. The first is email notification from the ETC Trading Times. Alternatively, you may receive a direct phone call from the prospective buyers. Then, you can negotiate and make a deal. It is so simple; isn’t it?

  • Buying something

You do not have to make an account before searching the products or services you need. You are free to use the available tools and search options on the website; you can browse by category, by brand, by year, by address, by year, or by price. Then, you can directly contact the sellers to set a schedule for physical check and negotiation.

ETC Trading Times works for local communities in need of certain products and services. It is an independent website. Therefore, it does not give any suggestion with aim of convincing you to buy something. It does not work for a certain institution. Shortly, you can choose the product independently.

There may be many classifieds websites on the internet. To ensure that you get the best product, comparing the prices offered in some websites may be helpful. However, quality of the products and services is of the highest importance.

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